Season 4 Episode 17 – Miles of Motivation – Andy and Fintan Hood

Andy Hood is a long time runner living in England, in 2020 Andy started a group called Miles of Motivation in order to bring runners together from around the globe to inspire and motivate each other. Together the members of his group have created an uplifting environment and have also made some charitable contributions for those in need.

You never who know who may inspire. Andy’s son Fintan has a life long medical condition that adversely affects his immune system.  This means he is frequently ill and has spent a significant amount of time in hospital.  Being active and exercising has been very difficult, if not impossible for him.

Despite his challenges, Fintan has drawn inspiration from his father’s efforts with Miles of Motivation. Fintan and Andy started running together at Fintan’s request and have not only completed a 5k but Fintan was able to run his very first 10k with his dad in October. He continues to run 3 times a week.

For Fintan this has been life changing and he hopes his story will go on to inspire others who have their own physical and mental challenges.

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