Season 4 Episode 24 – The Charity Lads – Running for a reason

Brad and Jamie are here representing the Charity Lads on this episode of Trail Tales ARP. To use their own words “Our challenge is to run 50km as a group of 15 friends. We are looking to raise awareness and vital funds for a charity that affected a member of our group. The charity needs £25,000 to stay working for the next 18 months so we are looking to raise that money.

50km is a big challenge for most of the group who are not runners and we have a variety of physiques with a few dad bods in the mix.” A few of the lads have recently completed the Goggins 4x4x48 challenge to help with their fundraising efforts as well. These seemingly ordinary guys are doing some extraordinary things in order to support their friend Dean and to give back to the organization that was there for one of their own.

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