Shawn Sobon

Host of Trail Tales ARP

Shawn, who hails from Central Ontario, Canada is a UESCA certified running coach, began running eight years ago to improve his health. Since that first snowy run, Shawn has run over 6000 km on 1100 separate runs.
On the podcast, Shawn talks about a lot of the normal struggles of new and seasoned runners, running hacks and tips, plus he interviews some great guests with exciting and inspiring stories. Shawn’s philosophy on running, which he lives and runs by, is that it doesn’t matter how fast or far you go, or how many races you’ve done – running is a lifelong personal journey all about having fun and staying healthy. On the professional side, Shawn is a student at Queen’s University where he is studying for his Health Science degree. When Shawn isn’t podcasting, he works as an advanced care paramedic, a career he has been a part of for 17 years!

You can get in touch with Shawn by emailing him at

Alex Maycock

Co-host of Coach Talk with Shawn & NCCP Coach

Alex, an NCCP Learn to Train coach, has a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education from Nipissing University with interests in Coaching and Exercise Physiology. He has an elite International Cross Country Ski Racing background representing Canada at the 2019 FISU World Student Games. Alex has over a decade of middle distance running experience as a 16 minute 5km runner and 34 minute 10km runner. A dual sport Collegiate athlete, in Cross Country Running and Nordic Skiing, Alex looks forward to sharing his coaching and physiology passions with you. Alex has a YouTube series sharing his training regimes and physiology interests!  

Ivor Redgers

Co-Host of Trail Tales ARP Canicross Edition

A father of three and avid runner, Ivor grew up in Mississauga and moved up to Dufferin County eight years ago. With a past in athletics and sports, it wasn’t until a few years back that he began to enjoy cross county running again. When Ivor runs he feels grounded and is a strong believer that running is incredible for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Ivor is also an avid cycler and swimmer, who despite the pandemic, has been training hard to compete in his first iron man competition. Running for Ivor took a positive turn when he started taking his beloved dog, Cedar, out with him. Being a fan of running outside, it was a natural fit for the two of them as they traversed the trails of Dufferin County. Cedar is a two year old English Yellow Lab, who is full of energy and spirit – making her the ideal running buddy.

Piper the wonderdog

Doggy Co-Host of Trail Tales ARP Canicross Edition

Piper is a 13-month-old Manitoba Designer Dog who came into the Sobon family as a stray from Northern Manitoba. Piper has three siblings that she was rescued with and brought to Ontario by a Barrie, Ontario based rescue, Lost Boys Hope. Piper is a pup that LOVES to run and be with her dad, Shawn. Piper has embraced Canicross training and gets extremely excited when she sees Shawn gearing up to go outside. Piper makes friends with everyone and is full of equal parts love, suckyness, and boundless energy. You can follow Piper and Shawn on the Trail Tales ARP Instagram account and hear stories about her on the podcast. The phrase, Run Wild, is something Piper embraces with every ounce of her body!


Doggy Co-Host of Trail Tales ARP Canicross Edition

Cedar is a two-year-old Yellow Labrador. She has been running with Ivor since she was six months old, but recently started Canicross running this year. She just completed her first iron paws stage race and is excited for many more runs with her dad!